School services

Big Picture Education offers a range of personalised services for schools and organisations.

Media production services

Big Picture Education and Summer Hill Media are able to offer great deals for member schools on media production

We can work with you to produce great resources for your context. They might be:

  • Testimonials from students, teachers and families
  • A promotional or explainer video about Big Picture in your school
  • Case studies celebrating successful internships, student projects or exhibition
  • Customised brochures and info-packs

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Learning space design

Big Picture Education has teamed up with Places Created for Learning (PCL) to innovate spaces for personalised learning in schools. 

We offer consultations, staff workshops, as well as planning and design services tailored to individual schools.

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School review services

Big Picture Education has partnered with Valad Consulting to offer a range of school review services.

These reviews are primarily to help schools review their implementation of the Big Picture Design for learning.

We offer one-off Foundation reviews and on-going regular reviews.

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