Research projects

The attached report provides details of a three-year research project designed to evaluate the implementation of the Big Picture Design for Learning at Launceston Big Picture School.
This section contains copies of recent research relevant to Big Picture conducted by parties outside of the organisation.
The core function of Big Picture Education Australia is the transformation of education in response to a rapidly-changing world. Over 65 Big Picture (BP) Learning network schools have been created in the USA since 1995, with many more operating internationally.
The current world dynamic surrounding COVID-19 has resulted in unprecedented changes to our lives. With our schools under lockdown, we were presented with a unique opportunity to examine Learning From Home arrangements for students.
Big Picture Learning has been part of numerous research and evaluation projects since inception. Some of those are listed below.
In 2015 the NSW Department of Education initiated an evaluation of the implementation of Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) philosophy and design at Cooks Hill Campus of Newcastle High School.
Professor Barry Down presented at the 2016 Big Picture National Conference in Fremantle. The presentation addresses four key questions: • Why are students disengaging from mainstream schooling? • What are students learning in Big Picture Advisory?
In June 2016 Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) completed a survey of Big Picture schools, in part drawing on questions we have asked in past years, especially during the 2011-14 evaluation. Nine schools completed the survey.
The findings of a three-year evaluation of Big Picture schools and programs across Australia.