Learning space design

We all want to nurture creativity, curiosity and independence in our young people, and our learning spaces need to facilitate this. Globally, the explosion of technology is transforming the way we work, think, communicate and live. Yet the way we do education has not caught up with this rapid change. We customise our homes, appearance, technology - so why not our classrooms?

Big Picture Education has teamed up with Places Created for Learning (PCL) to innovate spaces for personalised learning in schools. Big Picture Education is a network of educators who work across Australia to revitalise schools using a distinctive, internationally-recognised design that maximises student engagement, both inside and outside the classroom. Places Created for Learning is an evidence-based design practice that specialises in creating activity-based learning environments.

Kids on sofa

School visits and consultation

BPEA and PCL are now working together to reach out to all schools. We offer consultations, staff workshops, as well as planning and design services tailored to individual schools. Our work has so far been well-received in schools Perth, Western Sydney and the Newcastle region. If you would like to discuss your own school’s needs with Viv or Peter, please contact us.

Viv and Peter work collaboratively with schools  to customise new learning spaces that are responsive to students' diverse needs.

Past designs have involved concepts such as:

  • individual learning hubs
  • 'maker spaces'
  • collaboration areas
  • hang-out spaces that enhance creativity and  cooperative learning