Welcome to Big Picture Education Australia


Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) is a non-profit company whose core business is the transformation of education in response to a rapidly-changing world.

Globally the explosion of technology is transforming the way we work, think, communicate and live. Yet the way we do education has not caught up with these changes.

At Big Picture Education we are implementing an innovative design for learning and schools in a range of urban, regional and remote settings around Australia.

At the heart of the design is a departure from traditional ‘appointment learning’ where everyone learns the same things according to a fixed timetable inside the four walls of a school.

We believe that personalised, passion-based learning is the key to modernising education and preparing young people uncommonly well for successful futures. We nurture creativity, curiosity and independence.

We work with schools, education departments and curriculum authorities to transform outcomes for young Australians.

BPEA is supported by philanthropy, government, project partnerships, network membership and payment for services.

One student at a time, in a community of learners.

Upcoming Events

Perth six day Foundation Program - Semester One 2018

Learn how to redesign your learning community to engage and inspire learners in this immersive six day program.


Assessment Through Exhibition - Let's Get Real

Big Picture Education Australia invites educators and educational leaders to attend a one day workshop that explores the use of exhibition as an authentic way to assess student learning and achievement.


2018 Big Picture Education Conference

Linking Out: Real-World Networks.


The Big Picture Learning Design



Each student has a personalised learning plan designed around their passions and interests, with links to the curriculum.



Students learn in small groups of 17 known as an ‘advisory’ where there is a culture of belonging, support and respect.



Students work on a variety of projects in areas of personal interest that they design and manage. They also do certificate courses from further education providers.



Students do community service or complete an internship with an expert mentor to gain insight into a field of interest.



Students collect evidence of their learning in a portfolio and regularly present their work at a public exhibition. This is the basis of their assessment throughout school.

Graduation Portfolio


The Big Picture Graduation Portfolio allows students to showcase skills, knowledge and short-course qualifications to prospective employers, colleges, universities and investors.

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