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Croydon Community School

2 x generalist teachers (Re-engagement program) Full-time ongoing.

These positions are for teachers who are excited and open to learn lots about Big Picture Learning; working in a trauma-informed way; being open to new ways of ‘doing school’; and contributing to a positive staff team.

The successful applicants will work under the close guidance of our Learning Specialist and Leadership team, with the support of all other teachers. Initially it will be within our Re-engagement program, where students have individualised programs, including attendance variations. It may move into other school programs in the future. They will have responsibilities within an Advisory, consisting of up to 17 students who spend parts of their week learning together. Patience and a quiet persistence are required characteristics for the successful applicants.

These positions are for teachers with a personal love of learning, who have hope for all young people, holds justice and fairness as essential moral beliefs, and approaches everything they do with excitement and energy. The goal is to improve every students’ learning growth, and to foster them to adopt new beliefs which assist them to increase student growth by a minimum of one year each school year, regardless of their starting point. The successful applicants MUST be able to demonstrate a high level of emotional self-regulation and personal management practices to work daily with our marginalised and vulnerable children and young people who may have experienced complex trauma, including those who continue to experience them.

Applicants for this position are required to be able to demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the Victorian Curriculum and be both willing and able to apply these skills to the innovative approach of Big Picture Learning design. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate a consistent history of learning and a high degree of emotional intelligence.

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