Big Picture Education Review Services


To assist Big Picture schools, we provide two review services:

Foundation Review

This review is undertaken with schools on entry to Big Picture to help the school assess its levels of achievement against the 12 Distinguishers (Low / Medium / High), to identify areas needing support and to begin to plan for the support required to achieve success in each of the Distinguishers.

Regular Review

This review is undertaken every 2 / 3 years by an experienced, accredited BP Reviewer  and involves the students, school and community leaders, staff,  parents and other nominated contributors to the school’s development. 

This review will identify achievements and challenges against criteria established within the Big Picture Distinguishers.  

The Foundation and Regular Review will compliment the review requirements and timeframes of State Government and Independent schools.

Big Picture Review Staff

Experienced,  trained professional Reviewers,  accredited by Big Picture work in schools and communities.

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