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About the Big Picture Design for Learning

Operating in Australia since 2006.

A not-for profit organisation that works largely with public systems to support an innovative new design for learning and secondary school.

Offers a new non-ATAR credential for its graduates that is warranted by the University of Melbourne and accepted by 17 Australian universities.

2024 National data:

  • 3,329 students are enrolled
  • 46 schools around Australia (38 public, 8 independent)
  • 75.5% of our schools have an ICSEA below 1000
  • 12.3% of students identify as Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
  • (compared with 6.5% of the total school population nationally)*
  • 24.7% of our students have a diagnosed disability
  • (on a par with 24.2% of total enrolments nationally)*

*Source: ACARA – Ch 2, National Report on Schooling in Australia, 2023

New Ways, New Forms, New Measures

A Learning Design for Everyone

The International Big Picture Learning Credential (IBPLC)

IBPLC Explainer Brochure

IBPLC Explainer Video

2023 IBPLC National Data

  • 307 credentials were issued in 2023
  • 101 of these gained entry to university
  • 11.8% of graduates identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • 35% of graduates had a diagnosed disability.


6.4% of all those who went to university identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

44.7% of all those who went to university had a diagnosed disability

(Source: Destination Study 2023, BPLA)

Note: LTI = Learning Through Internship


Which universities currently accept the IBPLC?

  1.  Australian National University
  2.  Avondale University
  3.  Charles Sturt University
  4.  Flinders University
  5.  La Trobe University
  6.  Murdoch University
  7.  RMIT University
  8.  Southern Cross University
  9.  Swinburne University
  10. University of Canberra
  11. University of Newcastle
  12. University of New England
  13. University of Tasmania
  14. University of Technology Sydney
  15. University of Wollongong
  16. Victoria University
  17. Western Sydney University


Longitudinal Study of BPLA Graduates on University Pathway (2023)

This study tracks the progress of Big Picture Learning who gained entry to university and examines aspects of the Big Picture design that have contributed to their performance at university.

2023 Destination Study

This is an annual study that tracks the destinations of all Big Picture Learning Year 12 students  who use their IBPLC to transition to work, further training and university.

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