Media services with Big Picture Education

With the growth of social media, engaging videos are the most effective way to engage on any device.

Well-made videos can quickly explain concepts like the Big Picture Learning design, to your school community, but more importantly can show it in action, and allow teachers, students, mentors and parents to share their positive experiences directly.

Big Picture Education and Summer Hill Media are able to offer great deals for member schools on media production

We can work with you to produce great resources for your context. They might be:

  • Testimonials from students, teachers and families
  • A promotional or explainer video about Big Picture in your school
  • Case studies celebrating successful internships, student projects or exhibitions

We can also run a media production workshop at your school and work with your students and staff produce their own video project.

To get the best results we’ll work closely with you so that we can schedule filming when good stories are happening. This might be when students are in the thick of projects, out on great internships or about to do exhibitions.

Talk to your team about the great stories at you school you'd like to showcase and contact us with details about:

  • When to film 
  • What kind of video will suit your needs
  • Who the contact person will be.

BPEA Video Services Promo

BPEA Video Services Promo