Why Australia?

Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) was established in Australia in 2006. It draws upon the philosophy and success of Big Picture Learning in the US, co-founded by Elliot Washor and Dennis Littky who established the first Big Picture school in Rhode Island in 1996.

The design principles of BPL USA, which have been developed over the past 20 years, have been adapted by BPEA to suit the needs of Australian students and their communities.

Factors driving the re-think of the way we do education in Australia include:

  • Recognition of the benefits of focusing on the learner and how a personalised curriculum might engage and sustain young people.
  • Increased understanding of the need for ‘real-world’ learning and experiences.
  • Employers are discussing the sorts of skills they seek in employees.
  • A national conversation has begun about better ways of measuring skills and knowledge.
  • Universities are increasingly looking at different ways of selecting their students.

Globally, the explosion of technology is transforming the world. Increasing automation is driving the need for young people who are problem-solvers, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

We need a design for schools and learning that builds students’ capacity to adapt, thrive and contribute to a rapidly-changing world.

The Big Picture design is that design.

BPEA is part of an international network of educators that includes the USA, Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, the UK, Israel, Italy and India. Come and explore one of the world’s leading designs for learning and school.