Our Purpose

teacher and student

At Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) we are not just thinking about re-designing the way we do education for young people, we are actively doing it in over 40 schools around Australia.

Along with our international partners from countries including the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Israel, India and China, we are implementing one of the world’s leading designs for transforming education to suit modern learners.


Founded in 2006, Big Picture Education Australia is a non-profit company that aims to stimulate vital changes to Australian education by starting personalised and successful schools.

Our philosophy is ‘One student at a time in a community of learners’.

Customisation is at the heart of many recent changes to our society and economy – so why not education too? The Big Picture design for learning is based on research that shows that we learn best when we are personally motivated. Putting students at the centre of decisions around what, how and when they learn is the key to nurturing the next generations of engaged, independent learners.

While each student is unique with their own set of passions and capabilities, they are not alone. They are supported by a network of peers, advisory teachers, expert mentors and family.

We prepare students for opportunities beyond school with an emphasis on relevance and real-world learning. Our students combine academic work with real-world internships, use their head, heart and hands to explore their world and plan their own pathways to future employment, study or enterprise.

At BPEA we are:

Making things happen

  • We are creating Big Picture schools and academies
  • We are sharing our research, resources, programs and tools
  • We are training teachers
  • We are measuring our success

Forging partnerships

  • We are negotiating new pathways with universities
  • We are collaborating with other not-for-profit companies around innovation

Supporting and advocating

  • We are advocating with governments
  • We are working with education departments and curriculum authorities.