Our Purpose

Founded in 2006, Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) is a non-profit company aiming to stimulate vital changes to Australian education by starting innovative and successful schools and changing the conversation around education. We want to make schools better.

Too many of our young people are failing in our schools and this is because school is not relevant to their lives and to their needs, and they do not become engaged in learning.

Our philosophy is grounded in educating "one student at a time," and to this end, BPEA promotes the creation of personalised education programs that are unique for each student.

We have worked with thousands of students across regional and urban Australia and, currently, 40 schools and community programs engage with the BPEA design for learning. On a practical level, BPEA supports and works closely with their members and educational institutions by providing teacher training, workshops and support materials. We are also involved in research initiatives, for example, the Murdoch University MAP4U project

By generating and sustaining innovative, individualised schools that operate in the real world and involve families and local communities, we are making changes to education and to the lives of young people.

Image by Caterina Di Girolama