Becoming a Big Picture School or Academy

Design Brochure

One school at a time

Every school is different and you may seek to develop your big picture in different ways.

Some schools are exploring Big Picture ideas with assistance from Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) to decide if the design is good for them. Some stop there; others implement Big Picture ideas.

Some schools are inspired to implement a Big Picture academy in part of a school. We are helping them too.

Other communities are converting whole schools to Big Picture and we are committed to joining them in journeys that may take years.

Some schools are using Big Picture to plan new schools and we assist from the beginning.

Some clusters of schools are joining together to use Big Picture programs for some students and we offer support.

We offer different levels of engagement for different schools.

Exploring the Big Picture

This phase is the compulsory first step for becoming engaged with BPEA. It will take time but normally no more than one school term.

Together BPEA and the school explore the Big Picture design and assess the school readiness for uptake before deciding on the best course of action. It allows the school and BPEA to look at the feasibility of working together to bring about change.

Download the exploring flyer or Contact us to start the conversation.