Our goal

Our goal is to establish a Big Picture stand-alone school in each of the broad urban districts of major cities, and in major regional centres (where there are at least three other high schools).

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“Every child deserves the opportunity to learn in a way that speaks to their strengths, gives them a sense of belonging, connects them to the real world and excites them about their future prospects.”

Viv White AM - CEO and Big Picture Education Australia Co-founder

What is Big Picture Education about?

At Big Picture Education we are implementing an innovative, internationally recognised design for learning based on research that shows we learn best when we are personally motivated.

The explosion of technology globally is transforming the way we work, think, communicate and live. Increasing automation is driving the need for young people who are problem solvers, creative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Our design for learning puts students at the centre of decisions around what, how and when they learn. It’s amazing what young people achieve when they are happy and engaged.

We are nurturing the next generations of engaged, independent learners.

What sets Big Picture apart from other personalised learning approaches?

1. We keep our learning communities small. That’s what makes it ‘personal’. We want every child to feel ‘known’ and understood.

2. Our students regularly go out into the real world to learn about the things that excite them, and to experience the latest in thinking and technology.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this video to hear what our students have to say.

The Big Picture Design for learning



Each student has a personalised learning plan endorsed by their family and designed around their passions and interests, with links to the curriculum.



Students learn in small groups of 17 known as an ‘advisory’ where there is a culture of belonging, support and respect.



Students work on a variety of projects in areas of personal interest that they design and manage. They also do certificate courses from further education providers.




Students do community service or complete an internship with an expert mentor to gain insight into a field of interest.



Students collect evidence of their learning in a portfolio and regularly present their work to peers, family and teachers. This is the basis of their assessment throughout school.

Graduation Portfolio


The Big Picture Graduation Portfolio allows students to showcase skills, knowledge and short-course qualifications to prospective employers, colleges and universities.

How we operate

At Big Picture Education we go where the interest is – whether that’s establishing an academy within an existing school, starting a stand-alone new school, or setting up an innovation hub in partnership with tertiary educators and industry.

Here are some key facts about us:

  • Big Picture Education is a charity. We rely on donations and revenue from services provided.
  • We are already active in over 40 schools around Australia.
  • We believe in keeping schools small by design.
  • We work within education systems, often via invitation from a school principal.
  • Our schools adhere to a set of 12 Distinguishers that describe the key principles of our design for learning.
  • We advocate with government, we partner with universities, we collaborate with other innovators around education.
  • We build networks between schools, business, industry and the community.

How you can help

To reach our goal we need to grow our support-base and spread the word.

Whether you are a parent, a student or an educator, you can make a difference.

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Our partners

Our work is made possible with the support of our key partners and their commitment to furthering quality, innovative education for young Australians

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