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Do you want to build a culture of belonging, support and respect in your school?

The ‘Advisory Online’ course is about the ethos, structure and roles associated with a learning community known as an ‘advisory’ in Big Picture Education.

The nature of advisory is encourage students to operate as a cohesive group, while also encouraging students to pursue their own learning around personal interests and passions.

The Big Picture Education design recognises the growing awareness amongst educators that a personalised approach to learning is the way to increase engagement and intrinsic motivation of young people.

Advisory is a cornerstone of that design.

Course content:

The course consists of 3 Sessions and a Course Review:

What is advisory?​• Purpose of an advisory• Structure of an advisory• Role of the advisory teacher

Building the culture of advisory• Operating as a group• Advisory agreements• Getting to know each other• Advisory room design

The work of advisory• Managing time• Interest exploration• Learning plans​• Big Picture learning goals

Also included:

Video case studies of Australian students engaged in personalised learning

Interactive activities with comprehensive feedback

Readings and resources for download


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