Big Picture Summer Institutes coming up in WA, SA and Tasmania

Big Picture Education, in conjunction with partnering universities, is conducting several five day intensive Summer Institutes.

Big Picture Education develops public schools based on research in new designs for education, trains educators to serve as leaders in their schools and communities, and actively engages the public as participants and decision makers in the education of our youth.

Big Picture believes that true learning takes place when each student is an active participant in their education, when their course of study is personalised by teachers, parents and mentors who know them well, and when school-based learning is blended with outside experiences that heighten the student’s interest.

In our 2009 Summer Institutes, we offer a suite of programs including:

  • Personalising learning – Passion, Personal Learning Plans and Advisory Groups

Adult World Emersion - Learning in the real world – Mentoring, Community and Internships

  • Designing  Learning to Ensure Academic Rigour – Establishing  Learning Goals, personalizing pedagogy, ensuring high quality work, authentic assessment, portfolios and Exhibitions

  • Building Relationships – with students, families and communities, each other, universities, mentors and business and cultural institutions
  • Leading a Personalised School – Developing leadership potential in principals, teachers, students and mentors; Team Building in schools and communities

Find out more about the Institutes and register by clicking below: