From Traditional Trades to Artificial Intelligence

The Big Picture Design accommodates all passions, from traditional trades right up to artificial intelligence.

After just two terms, Year 9 students from one of our newest member schools, Morisset High School in Lake Macquarie NSW, are demonstrating a diverse range of artisanal, practical and theoretical skills.

At their recent exhibitions, Aaron displayed his prowess in the traditional trade of farrier, by preparing, shaping and fitting horse shoes.

Eric took us through the industrial design skills involved in carving a fishing lure known as the ‘deep diver body’.

And Lochie explained the principles of artificial intelligence in a series of videos about neural networks.

Advisor Natalie Benton is excited about the way the Big Picture design gives students the freedom to explore passions from the traditional to the cutting edge.

Check out this short video.

To dive more deeply into Lochie's explanations of neural networks, you can visit his YouTube channel  

Enews Morisset

Examples of Yr 9 exhibitions from Morisset