Gonski 2.0 sees the Big Picture

The final report of the panel for the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools Chaired by David Gonski AM was released on 30/4/2018 and the Big Picture design for learning was highlighted as a ‘pocket of innovation’.

Our 44 schools around Australia were noted for the ability to deliver personalised learning, promote the acquisition of the general capabilities and strengthen community engagement through internships, outlearning and mentoring.

For over 10 years Big Picture schools and academies have progressed beyond the old industrial model of education with a focus on one student at a time in a community of learners.

Our experience and research shows that the Big Picture design engages learners, fosters creativity and enterprise, improves retention and results, and leads to meaningful post school careers and study.

Big Picture welcomes the findings of the review panel to help all students achieve their own "personal bests", and for teachers and schools to be supported and funded to help them do so.

Viv White

"At last the education revolution is here! We always knew that personalising learning for each student was the breakthrough strategy for success in a rapidly changing world. Our design for learning creates an environment where schools and teachers can make that happen and it's great to be recognised by the review panel for our ongoing work"

Viv White AM, Big Picture Education CEO

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