Child Side School Big Picture students excel

In October 2014 Big Picture student Bryce Lanigan, from Child Side School in Western Australia, did a TEDx talk about his Big Picture personal interest project. Inspired by a passion for cycling and intent on impacting his wider community, over three years (grades 8-10) Bryce developed a large-scale plan and campaign to build a wheeled sports centre in Greater Bunbury.

Working with architects, local sports clubs, state sporting associations and local government, he conceived a multi-purpose facility to host cycling and in-line skating events at state, national and international levels, and offer educational programs on cycling and road safety. 

Evidently the Dardanup Shire council was impressed with this 15 year old's commitment and vision. After Bryce met with the full Shire council to share his 'Idea Worth Spreading' they announced on their website that land has been allotted to develop a Non-Motorised Wheeled Sports Facility, with Shire President Mick Bennett calling the project an extremely exciting prospect for the Shire of Dardanup and one which could potentially attract international attention. 

Bryce also recently featured in an article in the Bunbury Mail outlining developments in the project.

Child Side School advisory teacher Leonie O'Connell thanked Big Picture for offering an education design that encourages, supports and recognises projects such as Bryce's, and enables all students the opportunity and structures to thrive both educationally and in life. She said, "Bryce was able to professionally communicate with a wide range of stakeholders, the public and major companies to share his vision and to convince the Shire to commit land to support his multi-million dollar project with wide ranging health, social and sporting benefits."

Leonie was quick to note that all Big Picture foundation students from Child Side have gone on to be enormously successful integrating into the wider community. "Our students have the ability to successfully liaise with adults in the work place and they are all integrated into other communities through sport and other passions like writing and arts. They are accepted as first choice students into the local senior college where staff report they work independently at a high level. Big Picture has enabled them to be active participants in their own learning and in their own lives. Every child deserves a Big Picture education!"

David Crawford, Manager of Academic Performance at Manea Senior College says that students from Child Side are of the highest quality, explaining "they are independent thinkers, goal driven and highly motivated to succeed in their individual pathways. I have never, and anticipate will never, have any concerns over the students who are educated at Child Side and look forward to continuing my strong affiliation for many more years to come."

Some other student achievements include:

  • Dux of Manea Senior College with 99.8 ATAR score and accepted into the University of Western Australia in a highly sought after course.
  • Portfolio entry to uni after missing ATAR exams due to representing Australia at an international level in sport.
  • Representing WA at national championships in 4 sports.
  • Voluntarily coaching junior sports across 3 sports.
  • Accepted into a Health and Medical programme at Manea Senior College.