Augmented Reality: Developing the digital workforce

David Phan is in Year 10 at the Big Picture Academy at Liverpool Boys High School. His passion is virtual reality and programming. He hopes to become a software engineer.

This year David has been doing a fabulous internship with LA Pressure, a manufacturing company that makes pressure vessels and pipelines for use in the oil and gas industry.

David is on the project team with mentors David Fox and Kirk Duncan as they try to develop software that will connect their vessels to a 'digital twin' for clients, so that performance and safety can be monitored online.

This is a brilliant example of a truly integrated work internship where the project is real, the student is a true member of the problem solving team, the mentors are dedicated to developing the next generation of a digitally-savvy workforce needed by the manufacturing industries, the learning is carrying over from the workplace to school, and the student is building an in-depth portfolio that he can use to gain acceptance into university.


Augmented Reality: developing the digital workforce

Augmented Reality: David Phan's Internship