Yule Brook College

61 Dellar Road
Western Australia

Phone: 08-9251-8333

School profile and context:

Yule Brook College is a middle school situated in Maddington. The College caters for the needs of students in Years 8, 9 and 10. Yule Brook College was founded in 2000 specifically to develop more effective ways of assisting the teaching and learning of young adolescents. Yule Brook college has developed an environment in which teachers foster relationships and pastoral care, and in which students learn in a collaborative environment.

Program description:

Yule Brook College is a Big Picture Conversion and Exhibition School. It joined Big Picture Education Australia in January 2007 with Year 8 students and continued to introduce a Big Picture inspired program with each subsequent Year 8 cohort. The Big Picture program now operates across Years 8, 9 and 10 in every classroom and with every student. It is now well embedded throughout the College and they are still refining it as they continue to move forward, with some excellent results. There are 11 advisory groups in total, three in Year 9, and four in each of Year 8 and Year 10. On average each advisory has 15 students. In 2014 there are 190 students in the Big Picture program.

Website: http://yulebrookcollege.wa.edu.au