Halls Head College

1 Casuarina Drive
Halls Head
Western Australia 6210

Phone: (08) 9581 0600

School profile and context:

Halls Head College is located an hour's drive south of Perth in the coastal community of Mandurah. Comprising of some 863 students and 101 teaching and support staff, the College is committed to encouraging students and their teachers to be lifelong learners and to fill an active and positive role within our community.

At Halls Head College, we strongly believe that all students are capable of learning and improving and we seek to support them as they progress through their learning journey.

Program description:

Halls Head Community College acknowledged that some students were losing their self-belief and were either disengaging by not attending, or attending but not participating actively or with purpose in their schooling. Setting up a Big Picture Academy allowed us to develop tailored learning opportunities and authentic learning that has certainly gone a long way to addressing this disconnect. In 2015 we will have Year groups operating in Years 10, 11 and 12. We are also promoting some of the key elements across the whole school, in particular, project based learning and exhibition aspects, together with the relational thrust of Big Picture design. Gradually we are attempting to shape our whole school to provide greater opportunities to ensure that our students are empowered in the twenty-first century and have developed those skills that are essential for their success in exponentially changing times. The Big Picture Academy and the Distinguishers have been pivotal in assisting us to make this shift.

Website: http://hallsheadcc.wa.edu.au