A Guide to Exhibitions

Cover of Guide to Exhibitions
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Exhibitions are public presentations by students about what they have done and what they have learned. Students give an oral presentation on their personal Learning Plan (LP) and Learning Through Internship (LTI) work. The audience may consist of the advisory teacher, parents, peers, mentors and other teachers.

Big Picture schools personalise learning for every student and Exhibitions provide an authentic way to assess each student's learning and development.

This guide includes:

  • Why Exhibitions are an authentic mode of assessment and beneficial for teachers, students and their families
  • How students and teachers can prepare for Exhibitions
  • Detailed information on presenting for students
  • Detailed information for teachers to help asess and extend Exhibitions using protocols and effective feedback
  • Re-usable templates and tools to use in your own Exhibitions

The Guide is an invaluable resource for schools using the Big Picture design for learning and for any school or organisation looking to introduce authentic and rigourous assessment procedures.


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