Graduation Portfolio Workshop WA

BPEA invites Member schools to join us for five days of digging into graduation portfolios. The workshops will be run by National Project Coordinator Ann Hill and Big Picture School Coach Brooke Burns. It is designed to enhance implementation of the Graduation Portfolio Process for all senior years advisory teachers and school leaders.

With a significant focus on identifying post school pathways including but not limited to university, the week long workshop will comprise of a three day deep dive into elements of the graduation portfolio. Time will be spent exploring the Senior Project, the Autobiography, the Post-School Project and the Portfolio itself. That is what each of these are, what is involved in developing them, how they link to work we ask students to do in previous years of schooling and the roles of the advisory teacher and the school leaders in supporting and challenging the students.

A further two days will be spent examining the concept of micro-credentialling, identifying and describing standards and issues related to other work students might do. In these two days we will be working hands on with student work samples. 

Please bring student portfolios and work samples

Please note for schools already participating in the bpea national project there is no charge for up to five people from your school.

Participants in the final two days must have been involved in the first three days of the workshop.

July 30th, 2018 9:00 AM   through   August 3rd, 2018 4:00 PM
22 William St
Midland Learning Academy
Midland, WA
Event Fee(s)
All five days for one participant $ 1,200.00 + $ 120.00 GST
All five days for more than one participant from a school $ 1,000.00 + $ 100.00 GST
First three days only for one participant $ 720.00 + $ 72.00 GST
First three day for more than one participant from a school $ 600.00 + $ 60.00 GST
Participants from National Graduation Portfolio project schools (up to 5) $ 0.00 + $ 0.00 GST