Advisor Essentials Kit (members only)

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The Advisor Kit comprises of essential resources to foster and sustain an engaging Big Picture advisory. 

The Advisor Kit contains a case, a set of informative guides (including activities and templates), two Big Picture foundational books and more.

  • 1x Learning through Internship Guide
  • 1x Advisory Guide
  • 1x Design Principles
  • 1x Learning Goals
  • 1x The Learning Plan
  • 1x Guide to Exhibitions
  • 1x Advisory Room Design Leaflet
  • 1x The Big Picture Learning Cycle
  • The Big Picture: Education is Everyone's Business (by Dennis Littky)
  • Big Picture USB Resources Drive containing: .pdf versions of informational resources, BPEA School Research Framework (guide to monitoring performance against the BPEA Distinguishers), promotional video, BPEA research materials.



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