The momentum is building in Victoria

Did you see this article in The Age about the non-ATAR or ‘unscored’ VCE?

Want to know more about Big Picture Education’s innovative pathway to further study and employment?

Our non-ATAR pathway is called the ‘Graduation Portfolio’.

This is a rigorous, standards-based assessment process that allows our senior students to demonstrate their learning and their passion in a field of interest to prospective employers, colleges and universities.

Big Picture Education has negotiated partnerships with over 12 universities around Australia. Our students are not restricted to their local area or to their State.

For their Graduation Portfolio, students do original research in an area of deep personal focus, work with external mentors on internships in their area of interest, write an autobiography and explore their post-school pathways.

Gathering all of their work in a portfolio is a fantastic, tangible way of showing learning and growth while also allowing them to show off their capabilities in a range of areas from digital arts, technology, communication, and presentation.

To find out more about Big Picture Education’s modern and engaging approach to education, we have two events coming up in Melbourne.

Both events will be held at 321 Exhibition Street, Origin Foundation, Melbourne

Read the Good Weekend Big Picture Education profile.

Take a look at this success story of a young man called Matthew, from the Croydon Community School in Victoria. Having discovered his passion for realist art while at the school, and having built an impressive portfolio of anatomical studies, still lifes, explorations of light and atmosphere, Matt has been accepted into the Swedish Academy of Realist Art in Stockholm.

The Art of Learning: Matthew's Story

The Art of Learning: Matthew's Story