BPEA Preferred Provider Opportunity

The Big Picture Education (BPE) approach to learning is holistic and improves outcomes in all areas of school life. The BPE design addresses the systemic issues preventing our schools from engaging all young people and provides a practical roadmap for the future of education in Australia. It is a sustainable model that not only improves student learning outcomes, it also builds school communities and strong business and industry bonds. 



Big Picture Education (BPE) is a registered not-for-profit that has been working with Australian schools since 2006. BPE delivers an innovative learning design and school structure that personalises learning for each student and improves:

  • The quantity, depth and quality of student  work
  • Attendance
  • Transition
  • School completion rates
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

This leads to students who are more confident, have better self-esteem, have increased capacity to take action, are more able to build relationships and have an enhanced ability to work independently.

Big Picture Education design is for all students regardless of age or location. Big Picture schools educate one student at a time, within a community of learners. This happens by adhering to five basic principles:

  1. Learning is based on each student’s interests and needs.
  2. Curriculum is relevant to the students and allows them to do real work outside of  school.
  3. Students connect to adult mentors outside school who share their interests and support their learning.
  4. Students’ development and abilities are measured by the quality of their work and how this work changes them.
  5. The family is engaged in the students’ learning.

We are now seeking expressions of interest for those wishing to work with BPEA as Preferred Providers in a variety of capacities, helping us deliver services and develop our organisational capacity.

Preferred Providers may be those that work or wish to work in the BPE design as:

  • school coaches and coaches-in-training
  • school leaders
  • Researchers
  • Student or teacher advisors
  • Design consultants
  • Innovation specialists
  • Other consultant

Criteria for BPEA Preferred Providers:

  • A deep understanding of the BPE design and the context of its practical implementation in schools
  • Appreciation of BPEA's not-for-profit business model and its collaborative approach to professional partnerships
  • Demonstrated capacity to work successfully within the BPE design in the Provider role applied for
  • Relevant knowledge and background experience in the Provider's chosen field

To express your interest in being a BPEA Preferred Provider, fill out the form below and upload a simple CV