The Big Picture design for learning and school

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Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) was established in 2005 and had one school by 2006. We now work with over 50 schools. More and more educators and schools are making contact and want to start conversations with us. We hope that this brochure can provide sufficient background information to inform those interested parties.

The design outlined in this eight page brochure is based on our 10 years of experience at doing the work in Australia. We know that implementing and embedding the BPE design in any educational context is hard work. It takes a lot of time and energy. The experience gained has shown us just what works and what does not. We know that success is best achieved when teachers, schools and communities are all on board and willing to work side by side with us.
The purpose of this overview is to answer the following questions:

  1. What is BPEA?
  2. What is the BPE design for learning and school?
  3. Who is the BPE design for?
  4. In what ways do schools/sites implement the BPE design?
  5. How do schools/sites work with BPEA to implement the design?

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