Becoming a BPEA School Coach

School Coaching and Big Picture Education Australia

Implementing the Big Picture Education design in schools takes time: it involves deep change to thinking and practice for leaders, teachers and those that work with schools. These changes to thinking and practice need to be supported by changes to structure and culture. To assist each school with the implementation process BPEA requires that each school, academy or program has an Accredited BPEA School Coach.

The development of people to take on this role is taken seriously by BPEA. There is a lot to learn and practice. And like all complex work it takes time, support and experience to develop. While there is overlap with other leadership roles in schools and systems it is also different.

The School Coach Course

In 2018, Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) is conducting training for becoming a BPE School Coach. The comprehensive program includes two live-in workshops located in NSW (each of 2 days duration), a series of 6 webinars, and includes an action-learning process. Participants will be supported online between the face-to-face live-in sessions.

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