Brewarrina Central School

Bourke St
New South Wales 2839

Phone: 02-6839-2186

School profile and context:

Brewarrina Central School is a K–12 school in north-west NSW with a current enrolment of 200 students. Brewarrina began operating as a Big Picture School in February 2014. The purpose of the program is to make students’ learning more personal, and give them a greater sense of ownership of their learning. Students start each day with a 75 minute Big Picture Advisory. They work on structured personal projects. The first of these is the ”Who am I” project which explores their lives so far, important people in their lives, plans for the future, interests and passions. Teachers and aides work 1:1 with students through the term, keeping them on task and on track. At the end of the term each student completes an exhibition with their parents, showing them the work that they have done, what they have produced and what they have learned.

Program description: