Leaving to Learn

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"We have a bold strategy for revitalizing schools and for graduating and preparing young people for success in their future learning and work. This 'leaving to learn' strategy is driven by our image of that future. Our goal is not merely to graduate every student but to prepare graduates who are uncommonly ready for success in their workplaces and their communities."
-Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski, of Big Picture Education

In Leaving to Learn, Washor and Mojkowski comment on the alarming reality of the high drop out rate in high schools throughout America.

Their text provides an in-depth analysis on how to understand and curb the drop out rate through the Big Picture education design, as it breaks the traditional classroom model which does not succeed in keeping certain students engaged in learning.

Washor and Mojkowski suggest that Big Picture's goals to create valuable, real-world experiences for students is changing the way students view their education and hopefully, their roles in the community for the rest of their lives.


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