Knowing How To Learn

Knowing How to Learn: Develops the disposition and strategies to take responsibility for learning

Students at this level begin to take responsibility for planning their inquiries and are developing strategies to explore their interests.

They set goals and develop learning plans. They look for connections with others, who have skills and expertise in their area of interest, recognising that they can learn from them. They contribute to group learning and respond to feedback.

Students at this level take initiative and frame inquiry questions around their area of interest.

They plan with targeted intent towards the achievement of their goals and can reflect on and explain strategies. They understand that observation, noticing and learning from others are valuable and legitimate learning tools and they apply these skills regularly.

Students at this level make informed and deliberate decisions about their learning progress.

They articulate reflections on their learning, analysing their process, progress and end results. They can communicate their learning experiences and identify successful strategies. 

They establish and maintain connections with an extended learning community and integrate these relationships with experts into their learning.

Students at this level are highly motivated and strategic about their learning.

They plan with long-range goals in mind and regularly reflect on their work, adapting their practice accordingly. They access external networks to enhance their learning and to support their future efforts.

They contribute to collaborative learning and make appropriate decisions about how to incorporate feedback.

Students at this level are open to ideas that challenge their current thinking and action and they pursue new knowledge to develop improved solutions.

They steer their learning, cultivating relationships and building a positive learning culture.

They continue to cultivate new relationships that enhance their learning.

They initiate and engage in rich collaborative discussions and are able to defend their intellectual position against opposing views.