The First Australian Big Picture School

Big Picture Education Australia will create one Big Picture School in the public education system by 2009.

The school will be small by design, will work with each student one at a time in a community of learners, will be in and of the community, and will seek to have all students graduate and continue into higher learning.

We are designing a new model of secondary education and given that the one we have has been with us since the 1880's we will need intellectual capacity, courage, commitment and resources to develop a Big Picture School.

We guarantee that the young people who enroll in our school will have access to formal education of their choice beyond school.

This is not about alternative schools,

This is about a new model of schooling.

We want the support of the government and its education system, local communities and the teacher unions to take this work forward.

If you are interested in this work and would like more information, please contact us.