Assessment Through Exhibition - Let's Get Real

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Big Picture Education Australia invites educators and educational leaders to attend a one day workshop that explores the use of exhibition as an authentic way to assess student learning and achievement.

student showing workWhat if there was a better way to assess? What if we could provide a platform for students that allows them to show us what they know and can do? What if family members were part of the team? What if there was an assessment process that encouraged deeper learning? 

Exhibitions may well be it!

The one day workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to consider how exhibitions can be used:

  • to build accountability and make learning visible
  • to access valuable feedback from panel members and use it as a point of reflection to promote deeper learning in the future
  • to celebrate student work and learning in a way that builds a culture of excellence
  • to build confidence in public speaking and interacting with a variety of adult audiences and panel members 
  • to mirror real world situations by providing opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue that builds relevance and encourages a rigorous approach to learning
  • to strengthen relationships with parents and the community

The workshop will be run by Big Picture School Coaches Brooke Burns and Eric Radice who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience about the use of Exhibitions for authentic assessment through their work in schools throughout Western Australia.

April 23rd, 2018 9:00 AM   through   3:00 PM
90 South St
Murdoch University South Street Campus
Murdoch, WA 6150

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Event Fee(s)
More than one person from a BPEA member school. $ 200.00 + $ 20.00 GST
One person from a BPEA member school or individual Bpea member. $ 230.00 + $ 23.00 GST
Non members $ 300.00 + $ 30.00 GST
Non members. More than one person from school or organisation. $ 270.00 + $ 27.00 GST